septic tank being emptied

Septic Tank Emptying in Cornwall
James Contracting is a local family run licensed waste carrier, with a combined experience of over 40 years dealing with septic tanks and drains.

We believe in order to maintain your septic tank, regular emptying is necessary, this will keep your system operating at its optimal performance and greatly extending its working life. This maintenance will help prevent problems such as slow draining sinks and toilets, it will also greatly reduce the risk of septic tank waste backing up into your home. Regular maintenance will help defer the costly replacement of your soak-away.

Consider regular emptying and inspections a sensible investment in your home’s ongoing maintenance. It will help to give you peace of mind, protection from embarrassing sewage backups and avoidance of a costly soak-away replacement. We also undertake repairs and replacement of septic tanks, sewage treatment plants and drains.

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